Late diagnosis of tumours in children collateral damage of COVID-19, doctors say

Dr. Sheila Singh is used to explaining complex medical situations in simple terms. The pediatric neurosurgeon at McMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton says that lately, she’s seeing too many oranges and grapefruits and... Read more »

Why tapping into your 5 senses with a walk in the woods can counter climate anxiety

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How the technology used to make COVID-19 vaccines could improve flu shots

People can safely receive a dose of COVID-19 vaccine in one arm and a flu shot in the other during the same clinic visit, health experts say. Meanwhile, scientists are working on... Read more »

Simple tips could help more aging Canadians to live at home independently

People who are just starting to feel wobbly on their feet could benefit from making small changes to their home and behaviour to help them stay independent for as long as possible, Canadian... Read more »

What we know about kids and COVID-19 vaccines

The Dose21:28What do we know about kids and COVID vaccines? COVID vaccines are already approved in Canada for people aged 12 and older. Now, PfizerBioNTech says it plans to apply to Health... Read more »

As experts call for more rapid tests, how accurate are they and when should you use them?

With the fourth wave raging in many parts of Canada, some groups have been trying to implement another tool in the fight against COVID-19: rapid testing.  Canada has yet to make rapid... Read more »

Viruses limited by COVID-19 restrictions are coming back strong this fall, experts say

The Dose23:14If it’s not Covid, what is it? Viruses dampened by Covid-19 restrictions last year are coming back strong this fall. If you take a Covid test and it’s negative, how can... Read more »

6 million Canadians live with a disability. Advocates say federal parties need to listen to them

Rabia Khedr wonders whether her younger brother Farrukh may still be alive today, if there were better supports available for patients with disabilities when he was admitted to hospital in October 2020.... Read more »

Third COVID-19 shots: Who needs them and why?

The Dose21:44Who needs a third shot and why? Canada’s vaccine advisory body has recommended booster shots for certain immunocompromised individuals. But other countries such as Israel and the U.K are offering third... Read more »

Canada was already desperately short of nurses before COVID-19. Now nurses say they’re hanging on by a thread

When the Clinton Public Hospital emergency department had to close its doors on the August long weekend because it didn’t have enough nurses to operate, Holly Braecker was embarrassed. “I mean, we... Read more »