Calls to pursue herd immunity are ‘callous, dangerous nonsense’: immunologist

A U.S. proposal that calls for an end to lockdowns and for people to try to achieve herd immunity is raising alarm bells among health experts who say such a move would have devastating... Read more »

Vaccination should be seen as ‘next step in the arsenal’ against COVID-19, says doctor

As scientists around the world race to find a COVID-19 vaccine, a pediatric infectious disease doctor in Calgary says tackling hesitancy around immunization often starts with a conversation. “We work very hard... Read more »

‘Care that is necessary for life’: Personal support workers need full-time, regulated work, experts say

The Ontario government’s temporary $3-per-hour pay increase for personal support workers will be a “drop in the bucket” if those employees don’t have permanent, steady work, says a PSW who works in... Read more »