COVID reopening: hoping it goes right – watching carefully how it might go wrong

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COVID-19 and scientific confusion — What we don’t know and why we don’t know it

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How Florence Nightingale used mathematics to improve health care

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What the ice storm can teach us about the prenatal impacts of pandemic stress

In 1998 Suzanne King’s family was one of hundreds of thousands who were left without heat and power after a massive ice storm devastated much of Quebec’s electrical infrastructure. In different areas... Read more »

‘Men are at a huge disadvantage’ — who is getting hit hardest by COVID-19 and why

As COVID-19 case numbers rise around the world, a striking pattern is appearing in all of the hardest hit places — more men are dying than women. The pattern started emerging in... Read more »

COVID-19 could be treated with blood plasma from those who’ve recovered

Canadian researchers are planning clinical trials for a potential treatment for COVID-19 which would use transfusions of blood plasma from people who have recovered from the disease. Blood plasma from recovered patients... Read more »