Support for vaccine passports in public places up 15 percentage points since May, poll suggests

A national survey suggests that the majority of respondents in Alberta and Saskatchewan support proof of vaccination in public spaces — despite both provinces’ premiers resisting the idea in the past. In Alberta, which had... Read more »

Canada’s borders are open to fully vaccinated foreigners. These are the risks

While the Canadian government has implemented strong measures to ensure fully vaccinated foreign travellers coming into Canada won’t be a significant source of COVID-19 spread, those protections will certainly not eliminate the risk, medical experts say. “Certainly the optics... Read more »

Federal leaders urged not to use vaccines ‘as a political toy’ during election campaign

Canada’s political leaders could do serious damage to the country’s vaccination efforts if they engage in a charged and polarizing debate over vaccines during the federal election campaign, say people on the... Read more »

Conservatives release full election platform, promising billions in new spending for pandemic relief

Have an election question for CBC News? Email us: Your input helps inform our coverage. Find out who’s ahead in the latest polls with our Poll Tracker. The Conservative Party of... Read more »

Cross-border couple who postponed wedding for 2 years reunites as Canada eases travel rules

At midnight Monday, Canada’s border opened to fully vaccinated U.S. residents for the first time in a year and a half, and Michigan resident Gina Chirco was among the first in line. Chirco’s fiancé,... Read more »

Canada eases more travel restrictions for fully vaccinated travellers

For more than a year and a half, Canada has kept its doors closed to most non-essential foreign travellers. But that changes today when the federal government opens our border to fully vaccinated Americans. ... Read more »

B.C. reimposes masks in Central Okanagan amid COVID outbreak

British Columbia is declaring a COVID-19 outbreak in the Central Okanagan after a rapid rise in cases in the region and is reimposing a local mask mandate, as well as other public health measures.... Read more »

England and Scotland exempt some countries from quarantine, but not Canada

The governments of the United Kingdom, Scotland and Wales announced today that travellers to the three countries who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in the European Union or United States will be exempt from... Read more »

Canada not among countries exempt from quarantine for travel into England

The government of the United Kingdom announced today that travellers to England who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in the European Union or United States will be exempt from mandatory quarantine upon... Read more »

COVID-19 spreading faster in Alberta than during peak of 3rd wave

Health and infectious disease experts say the rate at which COVID-19 cases are growing in Alberta is alarming, as it spreads faster than during the height of the pandemic’s third wave.  The R-value, which... Read more »