Dogs may be smarter than we think — and can benefit our health in ways we don’t realize

New research suggests dogs can recognize more language than we thought and even help kids better learn to read. (Submitted by the University of British Columbia) This is an excerpt from Second... Read more »

These THC vape brands were most commonly linked to hospitalizations, CDC says

Boxes of vaping products labeled with the Dank name, seen left, for sale at a retail vaping store in Los Angeles in August. Dank is not a licensed product coming from one... Read more »

Regulators in Canada, Europe and U.S. probe diabetes drug metformin for carcinogen NDMA

Metformin is a standard medication during early stages of Type 2 diabetes. (Francis Dean/Corbis/Getty ) The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and other health-care regulators are investigating whether diabetes drug metformin had... Read more »

Vaping-related illnesses rise in Canada and U.S.

U.S. health officials on Thursday reported one new case and one more death from a respiratory illness tied to vaping over a two-week period, bringing the number of deaths to 48. (Aliaksandr... Read more »

Violence against health workers complicating measles outbreak in Ebola-ravaged Congo

Health workers are seen through a bullet hole left in the window of an Ebola treatment centre, which was attacked in the early hours of the morning on March 9, 2019 in... Read more »

Hospital in Spain saves British hiker after 6-hour cardiac arrest

A 34-year-old British hiker was revived in Spain after a six-hour cardiac arrest brought on by severe hypothermia, with the low mountain temperatures that made her ill also helping to save her... Read more »

‘We’re backsliding’: Surge in measles cases reported globally

A New Zealand health official prepares a measles vaccination at a clinic in Apia, Samoa, in November. A measles outbreak in Samoa has killed 60 as authorities race to vaccinate the entire... Read more »

‘It is not harmless:’ Dentists voice concern over vaping

Chemicals that are present in vaping may be causing a whole new set of dental problems that we’re not aware of, said Dr. Michael Glogauer, chief of dentistry at the University Health... Read more »

Organ transplants increase in Canada as wait lists grow longer, report shows

As more people opt for organ transplants, increased demand is leading to longer waiting times for patients in need, according to a report released Thursday. Each binder represents someone in Atlantic Canada... Read more »

Is vaping safe? Should I avoid secondhand vapour? We’re taking your questions about vaping

We’ve received a lot of questions from readers and viewers during our special series Vape Fail, which has been examining some of the policy failures that led to the adoption of vaping as a... Read more »