Mothers with COVID-19 can breastfeed, Canadian Paediatric Society says

New mothers with COVID-19 can still breastfeed their babies, advises the Canadian Paediatric Society. In its guidelines released this week, the CPS said the main concern is the coronavirus being transmitted from mother to infant through... Read more »

Do alcohol and COVID-19 isolation mix? Some health experts don’t think so

Long lines. Shoppers, many of them wearing masks, standing two metres apart. Is it worth the risk of community interaction during a deadly pandemic just to load up on booze? The answer... Read more »

Nurses must be protected from abuse during coronavirus pandemic, WHO says

Authorities must protect nurses and other health workers from harassment and attacks compounding the already heavy toll they are paying in the pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) and top nursing officials... Read more »

How to keep COVID-19 stress from ruining your sleep

The strains of worry and upended routine during the COVID-19 crisis aren’t exactly helping people sleep well at night. You or someone you love may be battling the novel coronavirus, or your... Read more »

Meet the public health detectives working around-the-clock to stop the spread of COVID-19

Behind every known case of COVID-19 is a public health investigator working meticulously to figure out its origin and track its spread. Known as contact tracers, these specially trained sleuths make up... Read more »

Why COVID-19 testing varies so much across Canada

If you just came back from an overseas trip with a fever and a cough, you’ll be prioritized for a COVID-19 test in Manitoba and Nova Scotia, but not B.C., Alberta or Quebec. Some... Read more »

How will the global coronavirus pandemic end?

This is an excerpt from Second Opinion, a weekly roundup of eclectic and under-the-radar health and medical science news emailed to subscribers every Saturday morning. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can do that by clicking here.... Read more »

How to interpret COVID-19 disease models and projections

Governments have released models with dire projections about how many people could die from COVID-19 to help get people onside with physical distancing measures. But experts caution models aren’t a crystal ball.... Read more »

‘No benefit’ to sending seniors ill with COVID-19 to hospital, some nursing homes tell loved ones

As news broke of coronavirus outbreaks in long-term care homes, Dana Schmidt got a phone call that made his heart sink. His mother was in a seniors facility, and it was her... Read more »

‘I was made to feel belittled’: Nurses reveal fears working on front lines of COVID-19 pandemic

Pat Tamlin survived SARS and now the Toronto intensive care nurse is on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. “Is it different this time? Absolutely,” she said. Intensive care units are... Read more »