Ontario reports 23 more deaths linked to COVID-19, 1,207 hospitalizations Thursday

Ontario is reporting 1,207 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 and 23 more deaths linked to the virus. Thursday’s hospitalizations are down from 1,248 on Wednesday and 1,451 exactly one week ago. According to the Ministry of... Read more »

Ontario reports 1,248 COVID-19 hospitalizations, 16 more deaths Wednesday

Ontario is reporting 1,248 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 and 16 more deaths linked to the virus. Wednesday’s hospitalizations are down from 1,345 on Tuesday and 1,528 exactly one week ago. According to the Ministry of Health, 38... Read more »

Ontario reports 1,345 COVID-19 hospitalizations, 11 more deaths Tuesday

Ontario is reporting 1,345 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 and 11 more deaths linked to the virus, marking a significant jump from the day before.  Tuesday’s hospitalizations are up from 1,122 on Monday but down from... Read more »

Ontario reports 1,122 COVID-19 hospitalizations Monday

Ontario is reporting 1,122 COVID-19 hospitalizations on Monday, a significant increase from the day before — though more than 10 per cent of hospitals do not report data over the weekend. Monday’s... Read more »

Ontario’s top doctor predicts ‘calm summer’ for COVID-19 but worries about Omicron subvariants

Ontario’s top doctor says COVID-19 indicators are heading in the right direction ahead of what looks to be a “calm summer,” though he is concerned about BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants. Dr. Kieran Moore,... Read more »

Ontario reports 1,451 COVID-19 hospitalizations

Ontario reported 1,451 people in hospital with COVID-19 on Thursday, down from 1,538 in hospital the day prior. Of those in hospital, 175 required intensive care — a decrease of one from... Read more »

Ontario reports 1,555 COVID-19 hospitalizations, 19 more deaths

Ontario reported 1,555 people in hospital with COVID-19 on Tuesday, as well as 19 more deaths linked to the virus.  Today’s reported hospitalizations mark a slight jump from Monday, when 1,213 patients were in... Read more »

‘Be soft, but honest’: Dr. Peter Jüni reflects as he leaves Ontario COVID-19 science table post

When Dr. Peter Jüni goes out in public, he gets recognized, even when he’s got his mask on. A woman came up to him in a Home Depot recently because she spotted... Read more »

Ontario reports 31 COVID-related deaths as expert says province has likely hit peak of 6th wave

Ontario is reporting 1,698 COVID-19 hospitalizations and 31 more deaths linked to the virus Wednesday, as the head of the science table says the province has likely reached the peak of the sixth wave... Read more »

Ontario reports 32 more COVID-19 deaths as hospitalizations decrease to 1,676

Ontario health officials are reporting 1,676 people in hospital with COVID-19 on Thursday — 22 fewer than the previous day’s total, but 15 more than a week ago. The Ministry of Health also reported 32 deaths... Read more »