‘Domino effect’ sees COVID-19 patients come north and other patients moved to smaller hospitals

COVID-19 patients from jammed intensive care units in southern Ontario are being moved to hospitals in the north, which have their own overcrowding problems.  Health Sciences North says it is currently treating... Read more »

‘People are talking about the same things they talked about back then’: COVID stirs up memories of polio

The rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine is reminding some of the last time there was an urgent drive to stop a feared virus. Although largely forgotten to history, the polio vaccine had... Read more »

‘You feel like you’re one swab away from a disaster’— battling COVID variants in North Bay

Joanne Valiquette used to love going out for walks and having visitors to her North Bay apartment. But now the 68-year-old is afraid to even go into the halllway of the Lancelot... Read more »

Cross-border workers worry COVID ‘politics’ could complicate their commutes

Zain Ismail’s commute has gotten a lot shorter over the past year. It’s still the same distance from his home in Windsor to the Detroit hospital where he works as an administrator,... Read more »