Labs across Canada tracking COVID-19 mutations to understand which are circulating and compare internationally

A network of laboratories across Canada is studying mutations in the genetic footprint of COVID-19 to track patterns of transmission across the country and internationally.  Led by the Public Health Agency of... Read more »

Our recovery from COVID-19 should be rooted in reconciliation

Sometimes when I’m telling a story, especially to younger kids, I’ll let a moment slip into a pause, then see a hand shoot up and hear “and then what happened?” This isn’t... Read more »

Sask. expat in U.K. taking part in human trial of COVID-19 vaccine

Tiffany Cassidy, a Saskatchewan-expat journalist living in the U.K., was feeling ill-equipped to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.   That changed when she spotted an ad asking for volunteers.   Cassidy is now on the... Read more »

Sask. mother of disabled child says tepid COVID-19 response highlights long-term issues

Margaret Kress says things were already tough before COVID-19 took away what little government support she had to help care for her 25-year-old intellectually disabled daughter Mackenzie. The single Mom and adjunct university... Read more »