Inside the Halifax high-rise at the centre of a Canadian COVID-19 tragedy

Gerald Jackson spent his final days with COVID-19 lying just centimetres from another man’s bed, separated by a curtain in an eighth-floor room. A third man lay about three metres away. It... Read more »

These N.S. health-care workers dodged COVID-19 at work, but got infected anyway

As health-care worker Chantal Bissonnette went to the hospital as a patient with COVID-19, she feared the worst. She was weak, struggling to breathe and wasn’t eating. “I took it as a death sentence,”... Read more »

Hospitals ‘overwhelmed’ by cyberattacks fuelled by booming black market

Canada’s health system is under siege from unrelenting cybercriminals trying to access patient information and other data, according to health-care professionals and cybersecurity experts who say hospitals and clinics are unable to... Read more »

COVID-19 border closures worry Americans who come to Canada to buy insulin

When Travis Paulson drove from his home in northern Minnesota to the Canadian border last month, he thought he’d have little trouble crossing over to buy his insulin. Paulson, a Type 1... Read more »

More dental services could resume in Nova Scotia next week

Dalhousie University’s dean of dentistry expects dental clinics and offices to be able to reopen sometime next week for urgent and emergency cases, with routine dental care in Nova Scotia resuming several... Read more »

‘Hard-working mom’ who did anything for her children dies of COVID-19 at Northwood

Even when she was just a young girl, Hilda Webber was willing to go the extra mile for her family. “She quit school actually to help her mom because one of her... Read more »

Canada’s first COVID-19 vaccine trials approved for Halifax university

Nova Scotia¬∑New The first Canadian clinical trials for a possible COVID-19 vaccine have been approved by Health Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the trials will take place at the Canadian Centre... Read more »