What it’s like to have COVID-19: Saint Johner breaks silence on illness

Kym Murphy was careful. She washed her hands. She practised physical distancing.  But the usually healthy, vibrant 54-year-old still contracted COVID-19.  “I was so careful with hand washing,” said Murphy, a motorcycle... Read more »

Some children with COVID-19 become seriously ill, study finds

Children of all ages are susceptible to COVID-19 and while their symptoms are generally less severe than those of adults, a small percentage — particularly preschoolers and infants — can become seriously ill, according to a new... Read more »

Vitalité CEO stands behind postponed emergency room proposals

The head of the Vitalité Health Network says the plan to cut emergency room hours at six rural hospitals was solid, but the emotional backlash against the plan makes consultation necessary. “The... Read more »