How to build a hospital wing for a pandemic in just 14 days

It started as a parking lot. Then came the swooping aluminum supports with durable, white material wrapped over them. Almost overnight, the painted lines were covered up and the pavement outside Joseph Brant Hospital began its... Read more »

Doctors in Canada argue delaying resident exams will cause ‘serious harms’ amid COVID-19

More than 2,000 doctors from across Canada have signed a letter that says deferring exams for medical residents will “cause real and serious harms” to the country’s healthcare system as it battles COVID-19. About 2,000... Read more »

14 cancer patients at Hamilton hospital saw doctor who tested positive for COVID-19

A Hamilton Health Sciences radiation oncologist is the city’s first confirmed positive case of COVID-19, a hospital spokesperson has confirmed.  On Wednesday, CBC learned a staff member in her 30s tested positive for... Read more »

Cancer doctor at Hamilton Health Sciences tests positive for COVID-19, city’s 1st case

A Hamilton Health Sciences radiation oncologist is the city’s first confirmed positive case of COVID-19, says a hospital spokesperson.  On Wednesday, CBC learned that a staff member in her 30’s tested positive... Read more »

Coronavirus prompts OMA to ‘urgently’ ask doctors to join virtual medicine network

The Ontario Medical Association says it and the provincial government are “urgently” encouraging physicians to join the province’s telemedicine network as the coronavirus spreads. Among a range of online services, the network enables conference calls, similar to... Read more »

McMaster researchers find cannabis has antibiotic potential

Researchers from McMaster University have discovered that a chemical compound in cannabis could be used to treat a highly resistant superbug.  Microbiologist Eric Brown and his team found that mice infected with... Read more »

7 in 10 Canadians don’t use condoms: McMaster University

Seven out of 10 Canadians aren’t using condoms during sex, while the country’s youngest fornicators practice safe sex more than any other demographic in Canada, according to a new McMaster University study. Researchers... Read more »

Experimental treatment saved life of retired Hamilton firefighter with rare disease

Tom Salisbury didn’t think much of his chest cold when he got it in January 2014. He didn’t know it then, but the cold was the first symptom of a rare disease that could... Read more »