How COVID-19 pushed a Hamilton man fighting fentanyl addiction to the brink of relapse

Daniel Schutt says he hasn’t touched fentanyl since January, but his worries about COVID-19 have not made it any easier for him to stay away from the drug. “It’s just a smorgasbord of negative emotions that... Read more »

Hospital worker had COVID-19, returns to work after 3 weeks off and still tests positive

The union representing some front-line hospital workers at HHS is upset after a staff member who was in isolation for weeks with COVID-19, but is now asymptomatic, returned to work despite still having a positive test result.... Read more »

Rosslyn Retirement Residence completely emptied after COVID-19 outbreak infects 62

Three ambulances pulled up outside the Rosslyn Retirement Residence Friday evening. The paramedics who climbed out pulled on protective gear and breathing apparatuses then wheeled stretchers through the front door. Their movements were... Read more »

Kids with disabilities face health risks and marginalization under COVID-19: expert

COVID-19 has been disruptive to all families, but the effects of school closures, medical equipment shortages and social distancing are further amplified for families of children with disabilities. As an assistant professor... Read more »

This Hamilton woman fought COVID-19 from a hospital bed for 41 days — she leaves a changed person

Helen Keene lay in her hospital bed on Wednesday while her mind raced. It had been 41 days since she entered the COVID-19 unit at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and she had... Read more »

Talking to yourself in quarantine? It’s nothing to worry about and you’re not the only one

Regina Henry knows how to hold a conversation — especially with no one else in the room. Her two-week wait for COVID-19 test results was full of thinking out loud. “After the... Read more »

New infectious disease paramedics answering Hamilton’s highest-risk calls amid COVID-19

Jay Lawrence and Tyler Wall loaded an ambulance with specialized gear Sunday morning and headed out into a city gripped by COVID-19, prepared to spend their entire shift answering Hamilton’s highest-risk calls.... Read more »

COVID-19 outbreak among healthcare workers at St. Joe’s special care unit for babies

A COVID-19 outbreak has been declared at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton’s Special Care Nursery after three healthcare workers tested positive for the new coronavirus. Public health officials, along with the hospital, confirmed the outbreak... Read more »