‘The Most Dangerous Game’ Trailer: The Hunt Is On

Picture this: You’re sailing on a yacht in the Caribbean, you step out on deck to get some fresh air in the middle of the night, and you fall overboard. Fortunately, you... Read more »

Best Scary Movies to Watch This Summer

Hollywood plans to lure audiences back into theaters this summer the old-fashioned way…by traumatizing them. Here are the best scary movies to watch summer 2022. Best Scary Movies to Watch This Summer... Read more »

Joey King on Starring Opposite Brad Pitt in ‘Bullet Train’

Pitt return the favor? I learned a lot from Brad, some incredible personal life lessons. He’s been in the public eye for so long. It’s such a weird thing to balance. Only... Read more »

Coolest Shows to Watch This Summer

Beat the heat by catching up on modern classics and binging on breakthrough hits. Here are the best shows you’ll find streaming in the coming months. Photograph by Warrick Page/HBO 12. ‘Winning... Read more »

We’re Preparing for the Wrong Apocalypse

We worry about the future, and we prepare for the worst. The stories we create about upcoming catastrophes reveal our fears, but they also reveal our fantasies: our desire for a change,... Read more »
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