What is ricin and how dangerous is it? A look at the poison sent to the White House

TORONTO — A Canadian was arrested Sunday evening at the New York-Canada border, according to U.S. law enforcement officials, under suspicion that they had sent an envelope containing poison to the White... Read more »

COVID-19 appears to spread less in warm and wet climates, studies suggest

TORONTO — Warm and wet climates appear to reduce the spread of COVID-19 while cold and dry weather conditions seem to facilitate virus transmission, according to a systemic review of multiple studies.... Read more »

Why do we need sleep? Scientists say they’ve found the answer

TORONTO — While it is known that a lack of sleep can lead to severe health problems, much about the purpose and function of rest has remained a mystery. Now, researchers at... Read more »

Most homemade masks are doing a good job preventing the spread of COVID-19, study suggests

TORONTO — A new study from researchers at the University of Illinois suggests that most homemade face coverings do a good job of preventing the spread of respiratory droplets involved in the... Read more »

Loblaws recalls President’s Choice artichoke asiago dip

TORONTO — Loblaws Company Limited is recalling President’s Choice Blue brand Artichoke & Asiago Dip due to a potential trace of eggs. A statement release on Friday on the Canadian Food Inspection... Read more »

Nearly 20 per cent of COVID-19 infections among health-care workers by late July

VANCOUVER — Health-care workers in Canada made up about 20 per cent of COVID-19 infections as of late July, a figure that was higher than the global average. In a report released... Read more »

‘I just want to see change:’ N.S. cystic fibrosis patient makes passionate plea for drug access

HALIFAX — Diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at age four, Nicole Turple has been in the hospital before. But after developing an infection earlier this month, the 29-year-old now finds herself in hospital... Read more »

‘A really unique bond’: Michigan conjoined twins separated

ANN ARBOR, MICH. — Doctors at the University of Michigan have separated 1-year-old conjoined twin sisters. Sarabeth and Amelia Irwin of Petersburg, Michigan, each had their own arms and legs and heart,... Read more »

Gargle test for COVID-19 works for adults as well as children, researcher says

VANCOUVER — One of the researchers who helped develop B.C.’s new gargle test for COVID-19 says it works for adults as well as children. While the standard test involves pushing a swab... Read more »

A better informed society can prevent lead poisoning disasters

Six years after it began, the Flint, Michigan, water crisis remains among the highest-profile emergencies in the United States. Extensive iron and lead corrosion of the water distribution system in Flint, coupled... Read more »