Company to pay US$60M for deceptive marketing with pelvic mesh

JACKSON, MISS. — A company that failed to adequately inform women of dangerous side effects related to permanent pelvic mesh devices will be required to pay US$60 million, according to a settlement... Read more »

Mouthwash distributed out of Manitoba recalled due to microorganism that could cause infection

WINNIPEG — A recall has been issued for a mouthwash that is distributed from Dauphin, Man., that could affect people with weakened immune systems. The recall is for Norwex Lysere Advanced Antioxidant... Read more »

A better alternative to phthalates?

Detergents, shampoos, soaps and other everyday items sometimes contain a group of chemicals called phthalates, which are often used to enhance products and add flexibility to plastics. However, mounting research has shown... Read more »

Comparing face coverings in controlling expired particles

Laboratory tests of surgical and N95 masks by researchers at the University of California, Davis, show that they do cut down the amount of aerosolized particles emitted during breathing, talking and coughing.... Read more »

What new research reveals about rude workplace emails

With the advent of the coronavirus pandemic and remote work on the rise, the sheer volume of email exchanges has skyrocketed. Electronic communication is efficient, but it’s also distant and detached, and... Read more »

Research challenges conventional wisdom about key autism trait

A new study into the causes of sensorimotor impairments prevalent among autistic people could pave the way for better treatment and management in the future, say psychologists. Publishing findings in the leading... Read more »

Color-coded biosensor illuminates in real time how viruses attack hosts

Infectious viruses come in many shapes and sizes and use slightly different attack mechanisms to make humans and animals sick. But all viruses share something in common: They can only do damage... Read more »

Age restrictions for handguns make little difference in homicides, study finds

In the United States, individual state laws barring 18- to 20-year-olds from buying or possessing a handgun make little difference in the rate of homicides involving a gun by people in that... Read more »

How do Americans view the virus? Anthropology professor examines attitudes, perceptions of COVID-19

In her ongoing research about Americans’ responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, Northern Arizona University anthropology professor Lisa Hardy and her collaborators have talked to dozens of people. A couple of them stand... Read more »

3D-printed nasal swabs work as well as commercial swabs for COVID-19 diagnostic testing, study finds

As COVID-19 quickly spread worldwide this spring, shortages of supplies, including the nasopharyngeal (nasal) swabs used to collect viral samples, limited diagnostic testing. Now, a multisite clinical trial led by the University... Read more »