The long-term care crisis: How B.C. controlled COVID-19 while Ontario, Quebec face disaster

As COVID-19 continues to sweep through long-term care facilities, Ontario and Quebec are struggling hard to contain outbreaks — while British Columbia and other provinces have managed to keep infections under control. Experts... Read more »

Dysfunction in long-term care homes is taking a toll on workers, association says

OTTAWA — Conditions in long-term care are breaking the people who staff nursing and retirement homes, leading to worse care for the vulnerable seniors who live there, the head of the Canadian... Read more »

U.S. FDA approves Eli Lilly’s diagnostic agent for Alzheimer’s disease

The logo of Lilly is seen on a wall of the Lilly France company unit, part of the Eli Lilly and Co drugmaker group, in Fegersheim near Strasbourg, France, February 1, 2018.... Read more »

Inside a COVID-19 hospital in India, doctors see no end in sight

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – It was barely noon on Thursday when the metal doors of the mortuary at a hospital in south New Delhi swung open and staff in white coveralls rolled... Read more »

Hydroxychloroquine combination risky for cancer patients with COVID-19: study

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Cancer patients with COVID-19 who were treated with a drug combination promoted by U.S. President Donald Trump to counter the coronavirus were three times more likely to die within... Read more »

AstraZeneca’s top-selling drug slows early-stage lung cancer – trial

(Reuters) – AstraZeneca’s top-selling drug Tagrisso has been shown to hold back a certain type of lung cancer when diagnosed at an early stage, the British drugmaker said on Thursday, potentially adding... Read more »

At least 150 people had contact with COVID-positive medical professional in N.B. region

Three more COVID-19 cases in Cambellton, N.B., have been linked to a medical professional at the local hospital who contracted the coronavirus outside the province and didn’t self-isolate when he returned. That brings... Read more »

Using electrical stimulus to regulate genes

This is how it works. A device containing insulin-producing cells and an electronic control unit is implanted in the body of a diabetic. As soon as the patient eats something and their... Read more »

Heart surgery stalled as COVID-19 spread

As the novel coronavirus spread across the globe in early 2020, hospitals worldwide scaled back medical procedures, including life-saving heart surgery, to deal with the emerging threat of COVID-19. Now, as the... Read more »

gnomAD Consortium releases its first major studies of human genetic variation

For the last eight years, the Genome Aggregation Database (gnomAD) Consortium (and its predecessor, the Exome Aggregation Consortium, or ExAC), has been working with geneticists around the world to compile and study... Read more »