‘We’re losing control’: Ultra-potent, unpredictable street opioids are claiming more lives in Canada

EDMONTON — Canada’s street supply of opioids is becoming increasingly toxic, unpredictable and contaminated thanks to ultra-potent and deadly mixtures of fentanyl, prompting renewed calls for safe supply programs that could help... Read more »

Canada was an outlier on mixing COVID-19 vaccines, but more countries now following suit

Canada became an outlier in the global fight against COVID-19 by allowing residents to mix various coronavirus vaccines. But while the approach, in place for more than a month, has been controversial — prompting... Read more »

Blood flow restriction training finds fans at the Olympics, but it comes with risks

A newly popular and physically uncomfortable training technique being used by some competitors at the Olympics has experts torn on its benefits and risks. Athletes at Tokyo 2020 — like Americans Kayla Miracle, a... Read more »

Majority of COVID-19 cases at large public events were among vaccinated Americans: CDC study

A new study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that three-quarters of individuals who became infected with COVID-19 at public events in a Massachusetts county had been fully... Read more »

Study finds differences in COVID-19 symptoms across age groups, sexes

TORONTO — A new study has found differences in which COVID-19 symptoms are experienced shortly after infection based on age and sex. Researchers from King’s College London published their findings in The... Read more »

Several brands of frozen mangoes recalled due to the possible Hepatitis A contamination

MONTREAL — The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) announced Friday that Montreal-based Nature’s Touch Frozen Food is recalling various brands of frozen mangoes because they may be contaminated with the hepatitis A... Read more »

As cases surge, Thai hospital uses containers to store bodies

BANGKOK — A Thai hospital morgue overwhelmed by COVID-19 deaths has begun storing bodies in refrigerated containers, resorting to a measure it last took in a devastating 2004 tsunami, as the country... Read more »

Why the delta variant is spreading COVID-19 so quickly — and what that means for Canada

It’s the word on everyone’s mind right now when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic: Delta. The highly contagious variant, which was first discovered in India in late 2020, has spread around... Read more »

Coronavirus: What’s happening in Canada and around the world on July 30

The latest: Worried your COVID-19 vaccine won’t be accepted abroad? Here’s what you need to know. 2 travellers arriving in Toronto from U.S. fined $20K each for fake vaccination documents. Have a coronavirus... Read more »

Yale opioid study highlights the ethical tightrope researchers walk to study addiction using deception

TORONTO — A Yale study that found Canadian clinics were faster than the U.S. to provide opioid treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the ethical tightrope researchers must walk when studying addiction... Read more »