This Device Is Designed To Relieve Pain By Using A Mix Of Ancient And Modern Techniques

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If you spend the majority of your day hunched over a desk or sitting through a lengthy commute, you’re probably all too familiar with sore muscles and stiff limbs. Healthy lifestyle changes and restorative treatments like massages or more exercise could potentially help, but they don’t always fit into your schedule.

If that’s your situation and you want to supplement the healthy habits you’re creating, you might want to check out the iJoou Moxibustion Thermotherapy device

HuffPost x StackCommerceIf moxibustion isn’t for you, this device also pairs the ancient healing technique with state-of-the-art electric muscle stimulators.

This portable tool utilizes new-world tech and old-world healing practices to potentially ease pain and stiffness. Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese practice that involves burning dried herbs or “moxa” (typically mugwort) on or near problematic points on the body to stimulate nerves and potentially ease pain.

This device aims to lessen pain and improve blood flow by pairing this ancient healing technique with state-of-the-art electric muscle stimulators. The muscle stimulators target sore spots while the heat therapy from the moxibustion process is meant to soothe stiff limbs. Heat therapy has been shown to help with problems like arthritis and sprains. 

To use the iJoou, attach the muscle stimulators to pain points on your body. You can then use the supplementary app to customize the iJoou to your needs by selecting the perfect temperature for your pain areas. Right now you can grab it for just $100.

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