Barry’s HIIT Workout at Home: Burn Fat in Under 30 Minutes

4. Narrow Pushup to Alternating Toe Tap x 1 min.

Assume a high plank position with hands slightly narrower than shoulder width. Lower body down, keeping elbows in line with ribs, until you’re one inch off the floor. Push up, then raise hips high into the air to touch right hand to left foot. Return to plank. Repeat, alternating sides on each rep.

5. Dynamic Pushup Series x 1 min.

Assume the bottom position of a pushup for 20 sec., keeping core engaged and elbows tight to ribcage. Pulse (1 to 2 inches) for 10 sec., then complete triceps pushups for 30 sec.

Caucasian man in white tank top and black shorts on back touching right hand to left foot on beach with ocean in background
Chris Wellhausen

6. Toe Touch to Leg Raise x 1 min.

Lie on your back with legs in tabletop position, knees bent at 90 degrees, shins parallel to ground. Engage core to bring shoulders off ground and crunch up to touch toes. Keeping arms and shoulder blades off floor, slowly straighten and lower legs one inch off the ground, then raise. Return to start and repeat.

Caucasian man in white tank top and black shorts on back touching hands to feet in crunch with ocean in background
Chris Wellhausen

7. Suitcase Crunch to Russian Twist x 1 min.

Lie on the ground with arms and legs extended. Bring both legs and arms together, squeezing abs as you connect hands to feet. Release and extend to start position. Next, engage core to come into a “V” position, leaning back slightly. Keep legs extended, then twist your torso from side to side, performing 6 total Russian twists. Repeat.

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