Cancer-killing virus: Activates immune system against colon cancer

A cancer-killing virus that City of Hope scientists developed could one day improve the immune system’s ability to eradicate tumors in colon cancer patients, reports a new study in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics,... Read more »

Post-COVID pain or weakness? Request an ultrasound or MRI

After recovering from COVID-19, some patients are left with chronic, debilitating pain, numbness or weakness in their hands, feet, arms and legs due to unexplained nerve damage. A new Northwestern Medicine study... Read more »

National Autism Indicators Report: Health and health care of individuals with autism

People on the autism spectrum face barriers to comprehensive care that may cause their health and quality of life to be worse than that of their peers. While some people may be... Read more »

Repurposed mouse model sheds light on loss of smell in COVID-19

A repurposed mouse model can develop symptoms of both severe COVID-19 (lung damage, blood clots, abnormal blood vessels, and death) and also of milder disease, including loss of the sense of smell,... Read more »

Virus-like probes could help make rapid COVID-19 testing more accurate, reliable

Nanoengineers at the University of California San Diego have developed new and improved probes, known as positive controls, that could make it easier to validate rapid, point-of-care diagnostic tests for COVID-19 across... Read more »

Children with dyslexia show stronger emotional responses

Children diagnosed with dyslexia show greater emotional reactivity than children without dyslexia, according to a new collaborative study by UC San Francisco neuroscientists with the UCSF Dyslexia Center and UCSF Memory and... Read more »

‘Like I was losing my mind’: Student with rare ‘brain on fire’ overcomes coma, memory loss to graduate university

TORONTO — An Ontario student has graduated from university despite suffering from a disease commonly known as “brain on fire” that put her in a five-month coma and caused near total memory... Read more »

Alberta’s hospital system under significant strain, says Edmonton medical director

The latest: Alberta’s hospital system is under “significant strain” and is adding intensive care beds as it faces an increase in COVID-19 cases, a medical director for the Edmonton area says. Health officials reported 1,733... Read more »

The Workout That Helped Stephen Dorff Gain 10 Pounds of Muscle for MMA Drama ‘Embattled’

Stephen Dorff was looking for a challenge, both professionally and physically, when he got the script for Embattled. The mixed martial arts drama would require the veteran actor to get into the... Read more »

Calgary hospitals assess oxygen use ahead of expected influx of COVID-19 patients

CALGARY — Alberta Health Services has asked medical staff at hospitals in Calgary to take steps to conserve oxygen ahead of a potential pandemic-related increase in demand. In a letter sent to... Read more »