Why Even Moderate Alcohol Consumption Can Shorten Your Life

The key takeaway from a new University of Cambridge study is that consuming more than five drinks a week could shorten your life. Our key takeaway is: Damn it all to hell. For years previous... Read more »

How Sebastian Stan Got Strong for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

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‘Imposters’ Star Parker Young’s Workout

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How to Get Bigger Arms

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Why Pot, Charcoal, and Real Food Are Suddenly in Your Skincare Routine

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Can Pot Make You More Creative?

For one of the first times in my long writing career, I’m crippled by writer’s block. I’m sitting in a dimly lit attic space in Denver, taking part in a creative writing... Read more »

Marijuana’s Other Magic Ingredient

For decades the only part of pot that mattered was tetrahydrocannabinol, a.k.a. THC—the chemical component that gets you high. But weed users are now turning their attention to another ingredient: canna­bidiol, or... Read more »

Ready to Lose Those Last Few Pounds? Here’s What to Eat

People who are trying to lose weight often confront the same problem: They lose enough weight to get close to their goals, and then their progress totally stalls. They wind up stonewalled,... Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Go Hard on Your Joints

High-impact movements are the enemy of healthy knees, right? Dead wrong, says Paul Ochoa, a physical therapist in New York City. In fact, it’s what keeps them going strong. Popular opinion says... Read more »

5 Upgraded Carry-on Sized Grooming Products for Travel

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