U.S Supreme Court’s abortion ruling sets off new court fights

NEW ORLEANS – Judges temporarily blocked abortion bans Monday in Louisiana and Utah, while a federal court in South Carolina said a law restricting the procedure after six weeks of pregnancy would... Read more »

These easy wins could alleviate wait times at hospital ERs, experts suggest

As Sarah McLeod’s asthmatic son struggled to breathe on a recent trip to the emergency room in Calgary, she looked up at the board to see a 10-hour wait time standing between... Read more »

Seiko Prospex: 3 Stylish and Affordable New Divers Are on the Way

Seiko has been busy. Just a few weeks ago, the brand released the 5 Sports GMT, a new addition to its famed 5 Sports line that includes a GMT function for tracking... Read more »

New way in which T cells learn to tell friend from foe

The human immune system is a nearly perfect defense mechanism. It protects the body from disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. It detects nascent tumors and eradicates them. It cleans up cellular... Read more »

Interrupting treatment of vulnerable people on immune-suppressing medicines doubles their antibody response to COVID-19 booster vaccination, study finds

A major clinical trial, led by experts at the University of Nottingham working in partnership with several Universities and NHS hospitals, has found that by interrupting the treatment of vulnerable people on... Read more »

The Most Interesting College Football Transfers of the 2022 Offseason

Thanks to a handful of rule changes, including two big ones for college football transfers, NCAA football is a different sport now than it was even three years ago. In 2019, the... Read more »

Patients treated with monoclonal antibodies during COVID-19 delta surge had low rates of severe disease, study finds

A study of 10,775 high-risk adult patients during the COVID-19 delta variant surge in late 2021 finds that treatment with one of three anti-spike neutralizing monoclonal antibodies for mild to moderate symptoms... Read more »

Structural racism drives higher COVID-19 death rates in Louisiana, study finds

Disproportionately high COVID-19 mortality rates among Black populations in Louisiana parishes are the result of longstanding health vulnerabilities associated with institutional and societal discrimination, according to research conducted by an interdisciplinary team... Read more »

Doctors prescribe fewer painkillers during nightshifts than during the day, study finds

Pain management is one of the biggest challenges of the modern healthcare system. Almost 60% of US adults report having experienced pain in the past three months and pain is one of... Read more »

Vitaliy Musiyenko on Conquering Goliath Traverse in 8 Days

During the last three days of the climb, wildfires blazing in the distance add their own sort of hell to the mix. “Every day is as hazy as you can imagine,” Musiyenko... Read more »
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