Study ‘cures’ oldest case of deafness in human evolution

An international team of researchers including faculty at Binghamton University, State University of New York, has published a new study examining a 430,000-year-old cranium of a human ancestor that was previously described... Read more »

Machine learning tool refines personalized immunotherapy

Ludwig Cancer Research scientists have developed a new and more accurate method to identify the molecular signs of cancer likely to be presented to helper T cells, which stimulate and orchestrate the... Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to Being More Productive

If you want to improve your output to maximize your downtime, home life, work, and health, you need to do it one level at a time. We like to call it the... Read more »

This Is the No.1 Reason Why You Should Be Running in Cold Rain

In the mountain town of Flagstaff, Arizona, at 7,000 feet in altitude, the sky is always close. Dense clouds hover at what seems to be an arm’s length away, and weather can... Read more »

DNA fracturing rewires gene control in cancer

Understanding the mechanisms that mediate widespread DNA damage in the cancer genome is of great interest to cancer physicians and scientists because it may lead to improved treatments and diagnosis. In this... Read more »

Monkeys outperform humans when it comes to cognitive flexibility

When it comes to being willing to explore more efficient options to solving a problem, monkeys exhibit more cognitive flexibility than humans, according to a study by Georgia State University psychology researchers.... Read more »

Hope is a key factor in recovering from anxiety disorders

University of Houston associate professor of clinical psychology, Matthew Gallagher, has added his voice to a debate that spans the ages — the importance of hope. Gallagher reports in Behavior Therapy that... Read more »

Women get half the number of heart attack treatments as men

Women receive poorer heart attack treatment than men, even when rates of diagnosis are the same, according to new research funded by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and published in the Journal... Read more »

Taco Bell in Canada unaffected by U.S. seasoned beef recall

A major recall of Taco Bell seasoned beef affects restaurant locations across the United States, but none in Canada, according to a company spokesperson. On Monday, Kenosha Beef International issued a recall... Read more »

Alberta joins lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies over opioid crisis

CALGARY — The Alberta government is joining British Columbia in a lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies aimed at recovering the costs associated with opioid addiction. Last year, 746 people died after taking synthetic... Read more »