Cells from the center of tumors most likely to spread around the body

Researchers from the Francis Crick Institute, Royal Marsden, UCL and Cruces University Hospital have found that cells from different parts of kidney tumours behave differently, and surprisingly, cells within the centre of... Read more »

Rare COVID-19 response in children explained

One of the enduring mysteries of the COVID-19 pandemic is why most children tend to experience fewer symptoms than adults after infection with the coronavirus. The immune system response that occurs in... Read more »

With summer vacation looming, educators worry about lasting fallout of pandemic schooling

This story is part of a CBC News series examining the stresses the pandemic has placed on educators and the school system. For the series, CBC News sent a questionnaire to thousands of education professionals to find out... Read more »

Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline set to start Phase 3 trials for COVID-19 vaccine after earlier setback

A COVID-19 vaccine developed by Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline showed a robust immune response in early-stage clinical trial results, enabling them to move to a late-stage study, the companies announced on Monday. France’s... Read more »

Parents of 4-year-old girl who died from rare brain cancer call for more awareness

TORONTO — Last December, just months after her fourth birthday, Isabelle Borkowski died after battling diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG), a rare form of terminal brain cancer. Now, Isabelle’s parents are working... Read more »

U.S. Supreme Court to weigh rollback of abortion rights

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court agreed Monday to consider a major rollback of abortion rights, saying it will decide whether states can ban abortions before a fetus can survive outside the... Read more »

Manitoba now holds Canada’s highest per capita COVID-19 infection rate

Canada has a new COVID-19 hotspot, as Manitoba has overtaken Alberta as the province with the highest COVID-19 infection rate per capita. As of Sunday, Manitoba has a seven-day average daily infection rate... Read more »

Ontario opening COVID-19 vaccine booking to those 18+ starting Tuesday

Ontario is opening up eligibility for COVID-19 vaccines to everyone aged 18 and older a week ahead of schedule, the province said Monday, as public health units reported another 2,170 cases of the illness.... Read more »

Scientists find new way of predicting COVID-19 vaccine efficacy

The early immune response in a person who has been vaccinated for COVID-19 can predict the level of protection they will have to the virus over time, according to analysis from Australian... Read more »

Engineered organism could diagnose Crohn’s disease flareups

In an important step toward the clinical application of synthetic biology, Rice University researchers have engineered a bacterium with the necessary capabilities for diagnosing a human disease. The engineered strain of the... Read more »