Feeling ‘sliced up inside’: Birth control implant Essure led to pain, serious problems for some women

After having two sons, 39-year-old Trisha Travis and her husband decided that their family was complete. They were ready for permanent birth control. Travis, of Weyburn, Sask., always thought there was only... Read more »

Montreal researchers say app to support HIV self-testing shows promise

MONTREAL — A group of Montreal researchers has developed a smartphone and tablet app that they say could help people to detect HIV through self-testing — if such tests are approved in... Read more »

Gifts For People Obsessed With Matcha

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Global trial shows CAR T therapy can lead to durable remissions in non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

In an update to a global clinical trial stretching from Philadelphia to four continents, the chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy Kymriah® (tisagenlecleucel, formerly CTL019) led to long-lasting remissions in patients... Read more »

Is there a way to keep E. coli out of romaine lettuce?

Somewhere in Canada, 24 people have gone through a frightening experience caused by the simple act of eating romaine lettuce.  It happened sometime in late October or early November, when they unknowingly ingested a... Read more »

CBC News’s joint investigation into the sometimes murky world of medical devices

They can give someone a new lease on life — even save a life. Millions of Canadians have medical devices implanted somewhere in their body. But when those devices malfunction, they can cause serious... Read more »