After damaging Reuters report, J&J doubles down on talc safety message

NEW YORK/LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Johnson & Johnson Inc’s statement was unequivocal. FILE PHOTO: Bottles of Johnson & Johnson baby powder line a drugstore shelf in New York October 15, 2015. REUTERS/Lucas... Read more »

LGBT patients may prefer to report sexual orientation in writing

(Reuters Health) – LGBT patients treated in the emergency room (ER) are more comfortable reporting their sexual orientation on a medical form rather than in a discussion with a health care provider,... Read more »

Woman at centre of brain death court fight dies: family

Michelle McQuigge, The Canadian PressPublished Monday, December 31, 2018 3:41PM EST TORONTO – A family that went to court to keep their daughter on life support after she was declared brain dead... Read more »

Handguns more lethal than rifles in mass shootings

(Reuters Health) – In public mass shootings in the U.S., victims shot with a handgun were more likely to die than in the events associated with a rifle, according to a new... Read more »

Boxing, Biking, and More: Here’s How Justin Theroux Stays in Shape

There’s a lot to be said for keeping things simple, especially when it comes to a workout routine. Rushing out to buy the latest “essential” fitness gadget or sign up for every... Read more »

Taquisha McKitty, woman at centre of life-support battle, has died

A woman at the centre of a legal battle in Ontario over how to define death died Monday morning of natural causes while she was on life-support. Taquisha McKitty died of “natural causes”... Read more »

How tech addicts are finding hope by coming together

Martha Irvine, The Associated PressPublished Monday, December 31, 2018 12:05PM EST BELLEVUE, Wash. — The young men sit in chairs in a circle in a small meeting room in suburban Seattle and... Read more »

Increased risk of harm from cannabis across Europe

Cannabis resin and herbal cannabis have significantly increased in potency and in price, according to the first study to investigate changes in cannabis across Europe. The study, published today (Sunday 30 December)... Read more »

The immune system’s fountain of youth

If only we could keep our bodies young, healthy and energetic, even as we attain the wisdom of our years. New research at the Weizmann Institute of Science suggests this dream could... Read more »

Fitness affects stroke risk

(Reuters Health) – Low fitness levels have long been tied to higher risk for heart problems. Now researchers say men’s cardiorespiratory fitness is tied to their risk for stroke as well. Researchers... Read more »